Victims of terrorism of the year the smallest British ...

Whether suicide bombing is why frequent

Victims of terrorism of the year the smallest British ... Suicide terrorism is why frequent - Islamic fundamentalism and related from the - Introduction The author of this year working on (0 years) month until (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jurisdiction) Japan Foundation, has been responsible for international cultural exchange programs. The international cultural exchange, Japan is one that is performed as one of the diplomatic means to build a world of nations and peaceful trust relationship, as the premise, the belief that Rikaishiaeru sure if the dialogue be different from the idea to each other It is based on. Such has been walking on the site of 0 few years international cultural exchange on the basis of belief, gave a big shock to such author, was the US terrorist attacks of 00 date. This incident was a shock King events such as denied all convinced that their experience so far that [to talk (to overcome the differences of creed) to understand AER]. Author of the duty station is a multi-ethnic religious nation that India and Indonesia, can understand each other there practice from experience (Hanashiae any) in beyond the differences of religion, only there was a belief that, even more shock was great.
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