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Do you want to include a Disability justice framework to your organization? Would you like to meaningfully include Indigenous communities in your organizing, but are unsure how to go about this? Have you left the B and 2S out of your work for the LGBTQIA2S community and want to correct the problem, but need an understanding of the Bisexual+ and Two Spirit identities? Perhaps you need to better understand how to work with media to highlight your movement work. You’re in luck!

Jen is available for public speaking, trainings, and consultations on these issues and more.


Jen Deerinwater spoke some serious and much needed truth last night at the Because Conference. ‘Don’t just be an ally, be an accomplice.’

Sara Ramirez, Actress and Bisexual Activist

This training helped me understand not only my weak points on accessibility in my previous organizing, but things I did right without even realizing I was accommodating a need! I really appreciated Jen’s concrete examples of living at the intersections, and their ability to be vulnerable and relatable as a presenter. -Shireen Shakouri

Shireen Shakouri, Campaign Lead, Reproaction

As a bisexual, fat, non-binary, poor, disabled Black activist fighting for justice and liberation on multiple fronts, I have benefited tremendously from Jen Deerinwater’s work: her writing, social media advocacy, and on-the-ground education. She is the activist who introduced me to the important world of Indigenous rights and issues on Turtle Island, and their connections …

Denarii Grace Monroe, Activist, Writer, & Musician