Jen Deerinwater

Headshot of Jen DeerinwaterJen Deerinwater is a Tsalagi-citizen of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma- Bisexual, Two Spirit, multiply-Disabled journalist, speaker, and organizer who covers the myriad of issues her communities face with an intersectional lens. She is also the Founder and Executive Director of Crushing Colonialism, an Indigenous media project.

Jen received a B.A. from the University of Southern California in Gender Studies and Political Science with an emphasis on American Federal Government, a Graduate Certificate in Women in Politics and Public Policy from the University of Massachusetts-Boston, and a M.S. in Communications Management from Simmons College.

She came to writing at an early age, but explored the music industry and ameriKKKan politics before entering the publishing world. After a decade in the trenches of the U.S. government she found herself weary of working to uphold her colonizer’s system and felt that writing was the more honest path to revolution.

While raised in rural areas of Oklahoma and Texas, and a nomad at heart, she currently lives in the belly of the beast-Washington D.C. In her free time Jen can be found cooking for loved ones, nerding out over antique maps and books, seeking out quality jazz, spoken word, and art, and fighting the urge to snuggle every dog she sees.

*Jen often purposefully breaks grammar rules in order to highlight marginalized communities, play with gender roles, and remind her readers who ameriKKKa really serves.